If you need help building your own custom report using QuickBooks Advanced Reporting (QBAR) in QuickBooks Enterprise, we may be able to help you.



This is the process we follow:

  1. We receive a detailed explanation you on what exactly are you trying to in terms of a custom report in QBAR (QuickBooks Advanced Reporting), so we can determine if it is doable.  You may send a drawing of what you visualize or screenshots of QB Reports that give you “some” of the data you are looking for.  This also gives me an idea of the data you manage in QuickBooks.  If you can tell if the data you need to report is part of the TRANSACTIONS (like invoices, bills, checks, etc…) or LISTS (Customer Center, Vendor Center, Item List, etc..) or BOTH.
  2. In our first review session, we will create a muck-up of the data in excel and we will determine that the report CAN or CANNOT be done. Give us up to business days to build it and test it on our side.  Would be best to use a copy of your QB file (with the Admin password removed) so we can test it properly
  3. We will send your the report template (.QVR) file via e-mail it to you so you can test it before we connect with you remotely.  And then we will setup a remote call to see how this reports works with your data and make any necessary tweaks while we are connected.  Call length 30 minutes average
  4. Make another tweak to the report if necessary.  Login remotely to make sure reports is working accordingly. Call length 30 minutes average
This service has a flat fee of $750.   The first $250 payable upfront when we determine the report CAN be done, before we start building it… and $500 upon the delivery of the report template.  Let us know if you want to start working with us on this:

Meanwhile, check out these resources on Advanced Reporting:
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