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Free QuickBooks videos found on the web recommended by Hector Garcia, Head Trainer at Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting LLC.  Our goal is to build the largest source of hand-picked / high-quality QuickBooks Training Videos freely available on the web.  Great way to Learn QuickBooks for free, please keep in mind MOST videos are the Desktop version of Quickbooks, of you need QuickBooks Online, follow the link to that page:

QuickBooks Online Videos 


Learn QuickBooks Desktop from InfiniteSkills / UDEMY:

Learn QuickBooks Desktop from Lynda.com:

Learn QuickBooks From University of Nebraska:

Learn QuickBooks From Simonsezit.com:

Learn QuickBooks from TeachUcomp – QuickBooks 2013 & 2014:

 Learn QuickBooks from Squire & Company:

Learn QuickBooks From VTC.com:

Learn QuickBooks from Brigham Young University – Hawaii:

LearnQuickBooksFree.com YouTube Channel:

Learn QuickBooks from Gabrielle Fontaine - QB QuickTips:

Learn QuickBooks Payroll from IntuitAcademy:

 Learn QuickBooks from Intuit Academy and RadioFreeQB.com

Learn QuickBooks from Penny Lane – QuickBooks 2010:

Learn QuickBooks from FreeQuickBooksLessons.com:

 Learn QuickBooks from QuickBooks-Tutorial.net – QuickBooks 2013:

Learn QuickBooks from Nerd Enterprises – QuickBooks & Bookkeeping Videos:

 Learn QuickBooks from EBS Associates / Teachmequickbooks.com – QuickBooks 2012:

Learn QuickBooks AQB.com / Marjorie Adams (one of the largest free training resources on the web):

QuickBooks Beginner – Prepare for Setup:

Learn QuickBooks from Hector Garcia – Our QuickBooks Trainer:

Accounting/Bookkeeping Related from Misc. Sources

QuickBooks Manuals, Guides, and Downloads

Learn QuickBooks Mac:




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Ultra fast write-up with downloading transactions in Excel, CSV2IIF Add-on, and QuickBooks Accountant

This article encompass 4 concepts: Downloading Bank Transactions in Excel (or CSV) instead of “QuickBooks Web Connect” Editing or cleaning up the transactions a little bit in excel by doing some mild excel work Using a $47 tool called CSV2IIF  to import the excel file to QuickBooks Using The Reclassify Transaction tool in QuickBooks Accountant [...]

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Neither Hector Garcia nor Quick bookkeeping & Accounting LLC take any credit of authorship for these videos, authors are sources are cited above each video category.  We are in the business of providing personal training for individuals that require in-depth or personalized QuickBooks Training.

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