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What I learned from my 3-day YouTube Crisis

Back up and have a plan B Hector GarciaMore Posts Follow Me:

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Value Creation and Pricing your Accounting Services

I am a strong believer that accounting professionals and business consultants are poised to create a lot of value for their small business clients.  The challenge is that most people believe that our “hard work” is what adds value to our customers, and that is not exactly right.  As a matter of fact I believe […]

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QuickBooks Desktop Reports Basics

Understanding how reports get their data from the company file’s transactions is really important to know how to interpret these reports to make business decisions!   Lets discuss the Company & Financial Reports The Profit and Loss Standard displays target data from invoices and bills and source data from: A journal entry if the first line has […]

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Helping you get your books “caught up”

This is a typical service we get requested, which is to get the books CLEAN and CAUGHT-UP until the today, so that you can concentrate on doing your bookkeeping moving forward with your historical data for the current year accurate and not feel like you are always playing catch-up and never will have the books […]

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QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum with Advanced Inventory – Barcode feature

This is one of the most nebulous features in QuickBooks for new users for a couple of reasons.  One, most users without inventory barcode experience do not have a clear idea about what they expect barcodes to do or not do when using them. And Two, QuickBooks is extremely limited in what it can actually […]

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Creating custom reports in QuickBooks Desktop

Before getting into custom reports, is important to understand the difference between “Source” and Target” Intuit has a great article here: This article is based on an article posted in the Intuit Community, but recently archived under: (must have an intuit community login to see) Customer and sales reports Taxable customers The report is a […]

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How to properly “condense” a large QuickBooks Enterprise file.

So, between 8-12 times a year, we get the request to condense some pretty large QuickBooks Enterprise files, usually larger than 1.5gb size (recommended limit for QuickBooks Enterprise).  And when files are these large they become practically unworkable, these are the type of things that you experience: Data corruption, you see transactions with the wrong […]

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Before Converting from QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise to QuickBooks Online, read this

First, let’s start with what might you gain by moving to QuickBooks Online: 24/7 cloud based access. No single/Multi user switching. More powerful bank feeds. Easy recurring sales receipt setup. Automatically schedule transactions or reports to be emailed. Mobile app support. Easy collaboration with your accountant. No need for server for multi user mode. PC/Mac […]

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Upgrading from QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise 2015 to 2018? Here are the differences…

New features added in 2016 (VIDEO): Bill Tracker Bulk Clear Send Forms Fiscal Year-to-Last Month Report Filter Auto Copy Ship-To Address Filter for Custom Fields in Item Reports Continuous Feed Label Printer Support Numeral custom field calculation subtotaling  ENTERPRISE ONLY Sort on Columns in Receive Payment  ENTERPRISE ONLY Batch Delete/Void Transactions  ACCOUNTANT & ENTERPRISE ONLY New features added […]

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Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter for QuickBooks Online

We have been using an app called “Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter” by SaasAnt for a few months now and we are very impressed with the capabilities. In a nutshell, this app performs 4 key functions that a lot of Accountants and Bookkeepers (even small business owners will find it incredibly useful) deseperatrly need for […]

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Setting up the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online

Setting up your initial chart of accounts tends to be the most important first act of you QuickBooks experience.  The Chart of Accounts will vary based on the following factors: The industry Type of entity (Corporation, Partnership, etc.) Company size Who is the user of the reports? Spending habits of the business What are the […]

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Starting a Bookkeeping Business

LAST UPDATE 05/20/2018 If you just started a new bookkeeping business or thinking of starting a bookkeeping business, hopefully this article is useful! Define your CORE services, Your What’s: Cash-basis bookkeeping (also known as “write-up”), non client-facing services performed weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly Collaborative bookkeeping, client has access or control to the books, using […]

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