For QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise) 2007 and newer only!


Purchase Hector’s Journal Entry Macro to IIF** for $29
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  1. Download and Open the attachment from the PayPal receipt response email, the subject will say: “Payment received from” coming from  The file is called: “JNL to IIF Tool Ver 2.02 -Prod1.xls” you are free to rename it whatever you want
  2. Copy/Paste your Journal Entry data into Columns starting with cell A5 (RED/BOLD = REQUIRED):
    • A (Ref) = The Journal Entry number, If you are importing a single journal entry, then all the rows must have the same number.  But of you are importing several journal entries, the number represents how you group them together
    • B (Date) = The date of the journal entry must be the same throughout every line belonging to the same Journal Entry Ref number
    • C (Account) = This is the account name that needs to match Chart of Accounts exactly. NOTE: is the account does not exist, QuickBooks will create the new account as a bank account!
    • D (LEAVE BLANK) = please dont put anything here
    • E (Debit) = this is the amount you want to see in the debit column for that line/account – Note you cannot have a debit & credit amounts on the same line!
    • F (Credit) = this is the amount you want to see in the credit column for that line/account – Note you cannot have a debit & credit amounts on the same line!
    • G (Memo) = Description or Memo to import for that line/account, if any
    • H (Cust/Job) = This is the Payee (Customer:Job, Vendor, Employee, or Other Name) associated with the that line/account, if any
    • I (Class) = this is for the Class you want to use for that line/account, if any
  3. Click on Generate IIF, and save the IIF file anywhere in your computer that it would be easy to find from QuickBooks
  5. In QuickBooks, go to File, Utilities, Import, IIF File

NOTE: it is IMPERATIVE that you make sure the account name matching QuickBooks 100% (character by character) otherwise the IIF will create a a new bank account for every non-matching and mess up your chart of accounts.  It is also crucial to make sure that the total debits match the credits, otherwise you ma get file corruption

**Intuit does not support IIF files, use at your own risk!




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