My answer is “ALL OF THEM, as long as they are necessary, ordinary, reasonable, documented, and legal; they may be deductible…”  And what does that mean? here:
  • Ordinary: means it is commonly accepted in the industry and seen often with other businesses in the same trade
  • Necessary: means the expense was required in order to generate the business income or it was incurred as a consequence of the income producing activities. But it does not need to be indispensable in order to be deductible
  • Reasonable: this is very subjective, but in essence it means it is not lavish or extravagant
  • Documented: means that the taxpayer has the burden of proof to prove the expense existed, that the amount reported is accurate, and it has a true business purpose (necessary)
  • Legal: the expenditure cannot break any laws, be considered a bribe, or made in connection to an illegal activity / or activity in which the business does not gave the legal capacity to perform

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Also, there is a 80+ list of expenses for multiple businesses


Good IRS Article for reference:


-Hector Garcia, CPA
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