This is what I consider to be “The Ultimate Chart of Accounts” that fits most companies starting up, and requires minor tweaks to adapt to the specific company needs DOWNLOAD AN EXCEL SAMPLE HERE

(Full disclaimer: Chart of Accounts are supposed to be customized for each business, this is meant to be a template that could cover 90% of the accounts, and then you will customize the rest as you see fit)

If you are setting up a QuickBooks file from scratch for the first time, I strongly recommend you get my QuickBooks Desktop Blank File and QuickBooks Online Excel Template with Chart of Accounts for $48, the reports will look like this:

Check out what the reports look like:

On the same kit, you will also get a an importable excel template that will work for QuickBooks Online as well, this video explains how it works:









If you want to download my kit which contains blank files with the chart of accounts for QuickBooks Desktop and the importable excel template for QuickBooks Online, you can purchase it here for $48:

NOTE, if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay with credit card by clicking on the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button after you checkout, looks like this:


The blank file is the best for setting up new files in QuickBooks Desktop 2016 to 2019. and the Excel spreadsheet included is designed to work for QuickBooks Online


E-mail me if you have any questions:



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