For those that process their own payroll in QuickBooks, this is the month for W2s.

Payroll compliance is serious business. So, it’s not advisable to jump into filing payroll tax returns without being somewhat familiar with the process. But for those that are comfortable with it, QuickBooks does a good job handling these payroll chores.

W2s are included in the list of other federal payroll forms you may be required to file. Select the appropriate form from the list. Be sure the year selected for W2 creation is correct.

Once the above steps have been taken, you will be presented with a window allowing you to select Review/Edit Employees as one option. That is the option you would normally want. Once that selection is made, QuickBooks will present a page with a number of instructions.

If you click Next, this screen opens:

Two of the questions are answered with the most common response. Be sure they are correct for you.

The third you must answer. QuickBooks will not allow you to complete the W2s without completing this section.

Of the three possibilities, retirement plans are the most common reason for answering Yes. Or, you may not have any of these and can answer No. Either way, the user must indicate a yes or no answer.

The above graphic is a portion of the review screen for each employee. QuickBooks will present each one for your review.

The final portion of the wizard presents the W3 information.

This is a good point at which to double check a few numbers. Do the total wages for W2s match reports? The four 941 forms filed during the year?

The final step is printing. The print dialog allows the printing of all the various copies from one screen.

Note the three sections that allow printing of employee copies, a copy to keep for your records, and copies needed for filing with the Social Security Administration.

Government forms and the copies for the employer can be printed on plain paper. Employee copies will print on blank paper as well, but it is supposed to be paper that is perforated to make separation of the multiple parts easy for the employee.

The good news is that it is not necessary to print SSA copies on the red forms, trying to match up the fields as the forms come off the printer.

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